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Drip Disclosure!! Emerging Strategy of Grenada’s Prime Minister
The much anticipated visit to the IMF by Grenada’s Prime Minister and his delegation has come and gone. The nation held its breath as it was understood that Dr. Mitchell was supposed to issue a “Letter of Intent” to the IMF which sets out the policy orientation of the government as it relates to its “Home Grown “Structural Adjustment Program. By all appearances, that letter has not been issued. However the contents seem to be a well guarded secret as discreet enquiries with NNP insiders suggest that only the “Chief” and his close confidant Timothy Antoine, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance, actually know what is enshrined therein.
The truth is that the Prime Minister has engaged personally with the Committee of Social Partners in an effort to attract their support. The Committee comprises the Council of Churches, Trades Union Council and the Inter Agency Group of Non- Governmental Organizations. This forum has been…

Political Independence

Political Jobs, Unintended Scourge of Political Independence
Our former colonial masters applied social status and skin colour to dispense some jobs in the colonial civil service. These standards were also applied in the banks and commercial houses which was then owned or managed by the pro colonial elite in St George’s.

The advent of expanded educational opportunities provided more skilled or certified persons to the labour force. The rapid expansion of primary and secondary school education under Sir Eric Gairy, improved literacy levels in the society and undermined elitist structures in the country. Sir Eric himself established his own merchant class with firms like Importers Combined, Ben Davis, Central Sales and others. All of this evolved from the post war period to what it is now.

In 1974, the island attained independence; the country’s citizens assumed control of our destiny. As the political struggle to control state power intensified, the tendency for the party in office to …

The NNP messing with the Electoral process.

Grenada’s Supervisor of Elections fired by the Governor General

Judy Benoit, Supervisor of Elections, was given marching orders by new Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade. Ms.
Benoit received the letter which tersely states that her “services were no longer required”.
This surprise move comes against the backdrop of what the OAS observer mission described as a well run national poll in February 2013.

The CARICOM observer mission also echoed the sentiments expressed by their OAS counterparts that the election process was efficient and they too described the elections as “free and fair”.

This turn of events has as its genesis in a letter from the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works which purports to give direction to the supervisor in the exercise of her functions. Section 35 subsection 6 of the Constitution of Grenada states ;”In the exercise of his functions under the foregoing provisions of this section, the Supervisor of Elections shall not be subject to the direction or con…

Grenada- An Investors Play Ground

Grenada- Playground of signature Investors and Mixed Fortunes

Over the years, Grenada has welcomed and done business with a whole array of foreign investors with mixed results.

In the early seventies under the GULP administration of Sir Eric Gairy, one John Clancy somersaulted to our shores as a significant investor. The now Port Louis , Grenada Yacht Services (GYS), was the site of the legendary “Clancy Island” reputed to have been the haunt of ladies plying their nightly trade. Back then Grenada was a home of a thriving yacht industry with an array of modest berthing facilities, repair shops dominated by the renowned LW Ross aka “Caca bright”. Mr. Clancy was reputed as a man of the world and his love for huge American cars was legendary. Little is known of how he got here or what incentives Sir Eric provided but the flash and glamour of Clancy Island occupied the minds of locals for a generation.
News emerged that Mr. Clancy was wanted in the United States on charges related to gam…