The Prime Minister of Chaos

When the NNP published a poster titled ”Jonah  is back” just before the 2013 elections campaign, even Dr. Mitchell himself never catered for 15- nil. Contrast that with 1999 when the NNP bellowed “not a damn seat for them” egged on by Joan Webley. From then on the door to chaos was flung wide open. Dr. Mitchell was hard pressed to “allocate” Tobias Clement, Yolande Bain- Horsford and Clifton Paul. True to form, the Prime Minister broke all protocol and instructed that all MPs must get ministerial salaries. I guess that back bench is good for England but not for Grenada.
The traditional NNP front bench came back in full force. Bowen, Bhola, Modeste – Curwen and Nimrod. The new kids on the block were given much of the limelight to the annoyance of the traditionals. The emergence of Delma Thomas as a significant minister left the nation shaking his head at what appeared to be cheap theatre. Many citizens could only muster a laugh when in fact tears for Grenada would have been more appropr…

Hamlet’s Poison pen, back at it again!!

Some Grenadians consider that when Caribupdate is seen on the streets, it means Hamlet Mark is in town. Whether it is a telltale sign or mere coincidence, some say elections may be in the making, but who knows. Mr. Mark wrote a blog cum article a, he calls it commentary, published on February 6th 2016 where he again tries to discredit Nazim Burke , leader of the National Democratic Congress. From the word Go, he sets out to deceive, confuse or tinker with the Queen’s English in his self-motivated campaign trying to “out Nazim’s political light” His nimble fingers roams through a forest of lies, half-truths and innuendoes. He is world class where this is concerned. A Caribbean journalist once asked if he is a political consultant dressed in the robes of a journalist. Fish or fowl, it is difficult to tell. Simple minds will conclude that both words start with F. but fool also shares F as its first letter. It is now clear that he gets really excited when elections are around the corner. In…


It's sickening and heartbreaking,listening to the cries and many complaints of patients and those who have been using the public Healthcare system. Conditions can become very deplorable at times,lack of confidentiality amongst staff,poor patient relationship,most patients are not afforded the rights to speak in terms of treatment,poor execution of judgement,lack of skills within the nursing profession and negligence"many nurses believed they doing patients a favor" get back to reality,wake up because you are not. Where is the passion in the profession? Because we all should love what we do once it's done in the name of humanity,my philosophy has always been and will always be"finding greater joy in giving human service too others".
It's the profession you chose,so if you are not doing it for humanity you need to get out of the service"if you love money you should have gotten a job in the bank or become an accountant" remember we are all humans …


By: Peter Belfon   It is often said that if you want to hide something good from Grenadians put it in a book. This is something to be worried or concerned about because it does not speak well for us as a nation and if this holds to be true then we certainly have a huge problem on hand and like a king would abdicate his throne in an uprising or immense public pressure it is true to say that government has also abdicated its responsibility to educate and empower its people. Every Ministry in an established governmental system must be tailored to meet the needs of the people and we do have a classic example here in the form of the human body. We are told that there are twelve systems of the body and each have their particular function and purpose. Question? When we knowingly refuse to treat our body good what do we have to face? A run down, abused and diseased prone body with a weakened immune system. Do you believe this?
Then why are we so easily vexed when government is being construc…


On May 1st 2015 Keith Mitchell came to Florida and introduced Grenadians to Warren Newfield. This is his credentials. Founder of Tau Capital Corp which is a platinum group companies.He has a coal company is Botswana and  is also into gas and methanol he is  worth over $ 700m according to Bloomberg Business.Keith Mitchell is calculated and desperately looking for money. What is Newfield interest in Grenada only Keith Mitchell knows?

  Mr. Warren Newfield is a South African Jew who Keith Mitchell appointed after giving him a diplomat passport last year. Newfield is now the consulate General of Grenada in Miami and the United State after Keith Mitchell government closing down the consulate office in New York that served thousands of Grenadians.

 This is very disrespectful to all intelligent hard working Grenadians living in the United States. It is  important to note that many Grenadians support Keith Mitchell in this diaspora take for example these who came down a few weeks ago to be a p…


The once militant trade union leader; the protector of the Grenadian labour force has plunged his trades union reputation to the lowest level because of his opportunistic traits and actions.
Grenadian workers now have valid reason to “Boo” Chester again if he makes an appearance at the workers rally which is set to take place at progress park in St. Andrew on May 1st 2015.
Chester has betrayed the working class of our nation. At a time when Grenadians are being taxed into poverty by a heartless and reckless government; the once loud mouth trade union czar seems to have lost his tongue or his voice box is clogged.
During the labour dispute between The Grenada Breweries and its workers a few years ago, Chester said that he would die for the brewery workers. He lay down in the road in front of the brewery and invited the driver of a truck packed with drinks to run him over. He wanted to enter martyrdon for the workers that he loved.
Grenadian should also give Chester a big “Boo” when it come…


St. George -- Former Sports Minister, Patrick Simmons, has reiterated a call for the government to consider renaming the refurbished athletics and football stadium to honour Olympic 400 meter champion, Kirani James. In a statement issued by the National Democratic COngress which he represented as a government minister, Simmons said that James deserves this recognition for his performances on the track. James broke a 19 year-old 400m record held by American Michael Johnson at the Drake Relays on Friday in Iowa, United States. He won in a world leading time of 44.22 seconds. "The National Democratic Congress (NDC) would like to congratulate Kirani James on his record-breaking performance at the Drake Relays meet in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday 24th April," according to the statement. "Breaking a record set by the legendary Michael Johnson is no easy feat for any athlete." But Simmons repeated a call for the government to continue to honour James for his global perform…