Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Prime Minister of Chaos

When the NNP published a poster titled ”Jonah  is back” just before the 2013 elections campaign, even Dr. Mitchell himself never catered for 15- nil. Contrast that with 1999 when the NNP bellowed “not a damn seat for them” egged on by Joan Webley. From then on the door to chaos was flung wide open. Dr. Mitchell was hard pressed to “allocate” Tobias Clement, Yolande Bain- Horsford and Clifton Paul. True to form, the Prime Minister broke all protocol and instructed that all MPs must get ministerial salaries. I guess that back bench is good for England but not for Grenada.

The traditional NNP front bench came back in full force. Bowen, Bhola, Modeste – Curwen and Nimrod. The new kids on the block were given much of the limelight to the annoyance of the traditionals. The emergence of Delma Thomas as a significant minister left the nation shaking his head at what appeared to be cheap theatre. Many citizens could only muster a laugh when in fact tears for Grenada would have been more appropriate. A photograph which depicted Minister Thomas, a UN representative and longtime Mitchellite, Denis Antoine highlighted the issue. Mr. Antoine’s body language depicted a man wondering where on earth did the chief find ‘this one’.

The feisty Minister of Tourism had to be put in her place, so cabinet changes became a capricious act of vindictiveness. Interestingly, the position that was handed out to her was Minister of Implementation thereby joining eminent folks like Jos Whiteman and Kenny Lalsingh in this nondescript concoction. The hall of shame was brought to her front door.
The bungling continued at break neck speed. Gregory Bowen, an engineer, was appointed to act as Attorney General. These shenanigans tried to hoodwink the public by saying that the constitution does not say that the AG must be a lawyer. Dummy James will not accept that foolish explanation even if he was raised from the grave.

Dr. Mitchell dumped Kenny Lalsingh for Chester Humphrey, a move which left many Grenadians gasping for breath in disbelief. This treacherous political maneuver required some massaging; Lawrence Joseph was identified for a position of Deputy Governor General, a post unknown to Grenadians. The convention is that when the GG is out of state, the President of the Senate is automatically appointed to act in that capacity. To foist this atheist as acting head of state was an affront to the nation and as a result Dr. Mitchell created another first, Sir Daniel Williams, former GG was appointed to act as GG. Chaos has now become normal routine.
Prime Minister Mitchell, the longest serving Prime Minister of Grenada, shocked the country when he admitted in an interview that ‘He did not know” who is the strategic partner for the Grenada Postal Corporation. It may seem that Minister Bowen is doing his own thing.
 Meanwhile, the vast majority of Statutory Bodies are tottering on the brink of financial collapse. Long standing General Manager of the Grenada Ports Authority was hounded out of office by a Board chaired by close confidant of Peter David, Dr. Wayne Sandiford who incidentally was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. So too the privatization of Gravel and Concrete Corporation remains a secret and uncertainty rules the roost.

The Police Force has not been exempt as the mere act of defending the welfare of police officers in active duty has landed a senior officer into trouble. The much touted savior of the islands Tourist Industry, the Grenada Tourism Authority has been neutered by resignations, dismissals and widespread employee dissatisfaction with the Chief Executive.
The country’s Health Sector seem to be in major crisis as back to back scandals are the norm and an embattled Minister is slipping deeper and deeper into disrepute.

A dysfunctional Cabinet, a one sided parliament, an incompetent public management team and a divisive and vindictive leader only prolongs the country’s agony. The term ‘Institutionalized Chaos’ may be the best description. But who cares; if the buck stops with Dr. Keith Claudius Mitchell, then he doesn’t.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hamlet’s Poison pen, back at it again!!

Some Grenadians consider that when Caribupdate is seen on the streets, it means Hamlet Mark is in town. Whether it is a telltale sign or mere coincidence, some say elections may be in the making, but who knows. Mr. Mark wrote a blog cum article a, he calls it commentary, published on February 6th 2016 where he again tries to discredit Nazim Burke , leader of the National Democratic Congress. From the word Go, he sets out to deceive, confuse or tinker with the Queen’s English in his self-motivated campaign trying to “out Nazim’s political light” His nimble fingers roams through a forest of lies, half-truths and innuendoes. He is world class where this is concerned.
A Caribbean journalist once asked if he is a political consultant dressed in the robes of a journalist. Fish or fowl, it is difficult to tell. Simple minds will conclude that both words start with F. but fool also shares F as its first letter.
It is now clear that he gets really excited when elections are around the corner. In the Caribbean, the source of election money is a well-kept secret. He seems to like that kind of money, hence the fact that , like a prowling wolf , he ends up working for anyone who is prepared to spend some hush money on him.
Reports indicate that he worked in St Kitts for Denzil Douglas after he was seen earlier working for Team Unity. In Antigua, Baldwin Spencer apparently took his advice and lost the election. Roosevelt Skerrit in Dominica did not seem to have much use for him as his style is similar to the opposition UWP and its leader Linton. He also found himself in Guyana and it is not clear how he faired with the PPP but they lost anyway. Ralph Gonzalves appeared to have saved his skin from a lynching recently in St Vincent. One thing seem certain, his frequent absence from his job seem to have been approved by Keith Mitchell as his salary continues to be paid regardless- all at poor Grenadian tax-payers’ expense.
His friends say that he suffers from insomnia as he hardly sleeps and have been seen on late night escapades, prowling in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe when he is not up to some mischief, his time is spent plotting some new rumor, some lie or scheming some diatribe like the article in which he is trying to discredit Naz.
Mr. Mark took the grand prize when he described his experience with Mr. Burke as a “one night stand”. The NDC leader is not known to consort with prostitutes- a political one at that.
He rambles on about the sidelining of Franka Bernardine , George Vincent and Patrick Simmons. This is just one of his many lies about the NDC.Mrs. Bernardine exposed this LIE in a recent interview.
Hamlet must be reminded that FEAR is the refuge of deceitful cowards. Nazim Burke is not cut of that cloth. His “commentary” describes Mr. Burke as a “good man”, then makes cynical reference to his “brightness” and crowns it all by giving the impression that the NDC leader lives in a make believe world far removed from Grenadian realities.
Everyone who reads his trash must have reached the conclusion that Hamlet carries a devious and twisted mind, a poison pen and an intellect that fits in a corn seed.
If Mr. Mark wishes to regain some degree of respectability, he should take steps to rid himself of a label called “bad pay”. This may be the first step in his thousand mile journey to redemption. You need prayers Sir.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Brian JM Joseph
It's sickening and heartbreaking,listening to the cries and many complaints of patients and those who have been using the public Healthcare system.
Conditions can become very deplorable at times,lack of confidentiality amongst staff,poor patient relationship,most patients are not afforded the rights to speak in terms of treatment,poor execution of judgement,lack of skills within the nursing profession and negligence"many nurses believed they doing patients a favor" get back to reality,wake up because you are not.
Where is the passion in the profession? Because we all should love what we do once it's done in the name of humanity,my philosophy has always been and will always be"finding greater joy in giving human service too others".

It's the profession you chose,so if you are not doing it for humanity you need to get out of the service"if you love money you should have gotten a job in the bank or become an accountant" remember we are all humans with a heart and soul for we do have emotions and feeling"it's always said we must treat others the same way we would like to be treated"that is food for though for those who walk around with a heartless mentality being morbid showing little or no love for humanity,it's ashamed to see how we treat one another especially sick patients.
It's not only coming from nurses but members of the medical profession also,"I have always been excited when I can give human service to others"genuine human service selfless and true,I have given Sixteen years of dedicated service working in private healthcare sector and "it's an achievement I'm very proud of"all those who had the opportunity of being graced with my presence or being nursed by myself in any way can tell you "my reputation precedes me".

Our tax dollars should be spent trying to improve our healthcare system even if it mean persons will have to be paying a small fee for service rendered"I think government will have to try looking in that direction to make the necessary changes or improvements within the health sector,everything cost money and it's time government stop playing party politics and do what has to be done to bring about changes,even if it means privatizing then so be it"because it cannot be business as usual,too much monies are being spent and nothing coming in "are government going to continue operating at a loss with astronomical amount of debts which is crippling the sector badly.
Conditions at the public hospitals are fairly poor,lack of medications are an ongoing problem,while patients suffering from different ailment remain guarded"I know many critics and party supporters will run to the defense of the government" opposing what I said but truth will always be the truth and all those who take offense have"too much guiltiness on their conscience". 

Instead of fixing our problems "we find ourselves putting band aid hoping that will solve whatever the issues may be,that is only making matters worse,that is one of the main reason why we might not be able to find solutions to our ailing problems is"there are too much coverup and sweeping of stuff under the carpet" lack of medical specialist for patients who required specialist consult and treatment,have become very burdensome on the pocket of the poor man"it's rather impossible for them to come up with such huge sum of monies for necessary medical treatment abroad"I'm sure the poor man are tired being a beggar going around with the donation sheets"we demand better services after working so hard over the years paying taxes we can't enjoy proper health care "some of us may not be able to go on vacation abroad but at least we are all looking forward to a little luxurious healthcare system" I'm in favor of a brand new hospital with better services and specialist,I want to see government partnering with other entities and private investors to make all of this happen this is something that can work with collaboration with members of the private sector.
How much longer can governments continue to operate at losses?why are our people remaining silent on these issues? Why are they not speaking out? Why do we accept anything that is given to us without saying a word please don't allowed acquiescence to cloud our judgment "because politicians and government officials are leading us to the ditch yet we keep smiling as we head down the wrong road facing onerous"it's not a Matter of taking what you get but rather demanding better for yourselves and others,I firmly believe that healthcare reform is needed also to bring about positive changes that will benefit all who uses the various healthcare services and facilities

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


By: Peter Belfon 
 It is often said that if you want to hide something good from Grenadians put it in a book. This is something to be worried or concerned about because it does not speak well for us as a nation and if this holds to be true then we certainly have a huge problem on hand and like a king would abdicate his throne in an uprising or immense public pressure it is true to say that government has also abdicated its responsibility to educate and empower its people. Every Ministry in an established governmental system must be tailored to meet the needs of the people and we do have a classic example here in the form of the human body. We are told that there are twelve systems of the body and each have their particular function and purpose. Question? When we knowingly refuse to treat our body good what do we have to face? A run down, abused and diseased prone body with a weakened immune system. Do you believe this?

Then why are we so easily vexed when government is being constructively criticized for turning a blind eye to broken government systems? Is it true to say that for most persons in Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique that the most important thing for them is to deep their finger into electoral ink every five years?

If we only take the time to examine or to look at the issues that matters most to us we will be making better decisions in the voting process and we know that. But having made to believe that there is none other to govern this country many of our citizens through political ignorance and shallowness has fallen victim to an organized spate of lies and promises that was carefully laid out in a strategic manner. Inlike manner the slaves were captured by the respective Masters when deceptive and strategic ploys were used, eg digging deep holes and covering them with light straws and chasing them into the directions of those covered holes so that they may fall into it.

The enslaved mind is still being held captive therefore we should emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and it is only when we do that we can say that we are truly independent thinkers and is better placed to understand what is happening around us and against us. Quit believing that all politicians are the same that is not so and if you still believe this you are a political hypocrite protecting something that you do not want to loose.

Today many of us are paying the price for political dunceness. General elections cannot be and will never be a popularity contest between the respective political parties and independent candidates. You and I have to turn the tides and let politicians know that their quest for the seat of power is not going to be a walk over or like gifts wrapped up from sender to epicenter. The media often times leaves the nation in total ignorance by their petty and flimsy questions to government on current issues. We had a classical example of that so called mid-term report. Now can you believe this is happening in 2015? When I was a teen still in School I was thinking of being a journalist and even though I have not attain that profession I know that what we have here can be described as spineless because most of their writings and interviews is sub standard, refusing to ask deep and pertinent questions and are like lame ducks in their presentations. Creative writing adds flavor and interest to the reader, keeping an audience interested in a televised program takes more than sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned room. I believe that Journalism in Grenada has taken a nose dive as a crashing plane all because they lack the conviction of the weight their task carries. Listen to the BBC's program " From our own correspondents, News Hour, Hard Talk etc. The English language when used in a creative and colorful way in the field of journalism definitely raise the bar, create interest, enhance professionalism and kick mediocrity out the door.

I appeal to teens and even the young at heart to get into the habit of reading. Reading opens up and increases your knowledge base, broadens your scope and also increases your vocabulary. Do not be the one that will have to pay the price because of Ignorance, not learning from past mistakes. I have no training in journalism but I know that better can be done here in Grenada. Not having the privilege to attend a secondary school; I know what I know because I made myself available to listen to the BBC, Radio Australia, HCJB in Quito Equator, Letter from America, All India Radio, by means of SW Short Wave broadcasting throughout my teen age and young adult years so I know that what I am hearing in Grenada in 2015 is nothing short of comedy and puppet shows.

Therefore let us think wisely, vote wisely and make wise decisions but remember you must be emancipated from mental slavery like Bob Marley encourages us to do in his ever popular song.

Sunday, 3 May 2015


 On May 1st 2015 Keith Mitchell came to Florida and introduced Grenadians to Warren Newfield. This is his credentials. Founder of Tau Capital Corp which is a platinum group companies.He has a coal company is Botswana and  is also into gas and methanol he is  worth over $ 700m according to Bloomberg Business.Keith Mitchell is calculated and desperately looking for money. What is Newfield interest in Grenada only Keith Mitchell knows?

  Mr. Warren Newfield is a South African Jew who Keith Mitchell appointed after giving him a diplomat passport last year. Newfield is now the consulate General of Grenada in Miami and the United State after Keith Mitchell government closing down the consulate office in New York that served thousands of Grenadians.

 This is very disrespectful to all intelligent hard working Grenadians living in the United States. It is  important to note that many Grenadians support Keith Mitchell in this diaspora take for example these who came down a few weeks ago to be a part of the NNP convention, why not appoint one of them to the office and keep the office in New York where there are much more Grenadians than in Miami.

 Keith Mitchell has no respect for Grenadians living in the diaspora or in Grenada. What is sickening is that there are people here in the US that have no clue what Keith Mitchell is doing to our country and trust me they love him to bad. I know for a fact that some of them told our families to vote for him in 2013 and will again the next time. NOT ME…..THEN AND……. NOT ME THE NEXT TIME! 

This Link to the information to Mr, Newfield office. I hope he serves  Grenadians well.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


The once militant trade union leader; the protector of the Grenadian labour force has plunged his trades union reputation to the lowest level because of his opportunistic traits and actions.

Grenadian workers now have valid reason to “Boo” Chester again if he makes an appearance at the workers rally which is set to take place at progress park in St. Andrew on May 1st 2015.

Chester has betrayed the working class of our nation. At a time when Grenadians are being taxed into poverty by a heartless and reckless government; the once loud mouth trade union czar seems to have lost his tongue or his voice box is clogged.

During the labour dispute between The Grenada Breweries and its workers a few years ago, Chester said that he would die for the brewery workers. He lay down in the road in front of the brewery and invited the driver of a truck packed with drinks to run him over. He wanted to enter martyrdon for the workers that he loved.

Grenadian should also give Chester a big “Boo” when it comes to his involvement with Project Grenada. He is the main architect of this Socialist/Communist brand of politics within the NNP cytoplasm.

Project Grenada has never been formally launched and the aims and objectives were never presented to the population but Grenadians know that Chester and his gang wants to cunningly create a one party state in Grenada; the NNP state. Chester has publicly said that Grenada should have only one trade union to represent all workers. This is a dangerous and frightening idea.

Another reason why Chester should be ‘booed’ is hypocrisy. Chester once said that he would not accept any awards, especially if it comes from the Queen of England. Today we see a Chester that is the third most powerful man in the Queens nation called Grenada. He is the president of the senate, wearing the Queen’s wig and performing the Queen functions in the Queen’s parliament.

Betrayal of the masses is a major reason why workers no longer trust Chester. Under the NNP government, the free barrels at Christmas time has been removed, the free school program is in a ‘mess’; it has already been removed from private schools. Chester must remember that these programs have greatly affected workers. He should speak out against destroying the middle class but he remains muted.

How could Chester preach nation building to the working class? This is the same Chester who gave little of no support to the NDC government during the time of world wide  economic crisis and recession. 

Grenadians should not forget that Chester  once led Liat workers on a major  strike during Grenada’s carnival, which resulted in persons not being able to travel and revenue losses. Chester was the most vocal opposition element while the NDC was in government.

How can we forget his opprobrium, scorching sentiments against Nazim Burke, Tillman Thomas and the NDC by Chester; a party that he once conveniently embraced?

How can Chester, a man who once called the NNP the most corrupt government and said that he is ashamed of their actions, expect to get love, sympathy and a listening ear from workers?

Over the last two years, Grenadian have witness significant increases in taxes that is a first in Grenada’s history. Over fifty small businesses have shut their doors. Banks and a major hardware store  have down-scaled their operations. These developments have resulted in increased unemployment in our tri-island state.

Despite these painful and oppressive actions in the face of the ordinary worker, the number one trades union leader is hibernating after eating ‘ah heavy food’ from the NNP.

Chester has lost his trade union voice.

 His moral authority to lead the working class of this beautiful nation has expired.

 He would never be able to sedate Grenadian workers again.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


St. George -- Former Sports Minister, Patrick Simmons, has reiterated a call for the government to consider renaming the refurbished athletics and football stadium to honour Olympic 400 meter champion, Kirani James.
In a statement issued by the National Democratic COngress which he represented as a government minister, Simmons said that James deserves this recognition for his performances on the track.
James broke a 19 year-old 400m record held by American Michael Johnson at the Drake Relays on Friday in Iowa, United States. He won in a world leading time of 44.22 seconds.
"The National Democratic Congress (NDC) would like to congratulate Kirani James on his record-breaking performance at the Drake Relays meet in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday 24th April," according to the statement.
"Breaking a record set by the legendary Michael Johnson is no easy feat for any athlete."
But Simmons repeated a call for the government to continue to honour James for his global performances.
"Additionally, we call upon the Grenada Government to honor the commitment made by the NDC government in 2012 to name the Athletics Stadium following completion of reconstruction work – in honor of Kirani James," he said.
"It is important to note that the government of St Kitts and Nevis, during this year's CARIFTA Games, renamed their Track and Field stadium after Kim Collins."
During the 2013 Budget presentation Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr Keith Mitchell said that through a BOLT arrangement, work would have started on the first phase of the Cuthbert Peters' Park in St John which would be transformed and named the Kirani James' Mini Stadium.
"I am deeply concerned about the lack of respect and appreciation for our former national players in various disciplines and even our Test cricketers. As a Nation, we ought to be more caring. Government will consider ways to show more respect and appreciation for their service to our Country and region," he said.
However, there are indications that the government has changed plans and would consider renaming the national sporting facility in honour of James.
The proposed renaming of the stadium was among an incentive package announced by then Prime Minister Tillman Thomas during a national rally to celebrate James' Olympic victory in London.
Thomas said that in recognition of his victory, the athletic stadium will be renamed the "Kirani James Stadium" after it is rebuilt.
He was appointed a sports and tourism ambassador which carries with it the use of a Grenada diplomatic passport.
September 1, James' birthday, "will henceforth be known as Kirani James Day," he said.
Following his victory at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea in 2011, Lagoon Road in St George's was renamed Kirani James Boulevard.
Plans were also announced for upgrading the boulevard and also to publish special commemorative stamps in James' honour.
The stadium, which was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, is being reconstructed with assistance from the government of China.