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Hamlet’s Poison pen, back at it again!!

Some Grenadians consider that when Caribupdate is seen on the streets, it means Hamlet Mark is in town. Whether it is a telltale sign or mere coincidence, some say elections may be in the making, but who knows. Mr. Mark wrote a blog cum article a, he calls it commentary, published on February 6th 2016 where he again tries to discredit Nazim Burke , leader of the National Democratic Congress. From the word Go, he sets out to deceive, confuse or tinker with the Queen’s English in his self-motivated campaign trying to “out Nazim’s political light” His nimble fingers roams through a forest of lies, half-truths and innuendoes. He is world class where this is concerned. A Caribbean journalist once asked if he is a political consultant dressed in the robes of a journalist. Fish or fowl, it is difficult to tell. Simple minds will conclude that both words start with F. but fool also shares F as its first letter. It is now clear that he gets really excited when elections are around the corner. In…