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We will deliver lies and false promises

Is Political Correctness a case of giving Hope or spreading lies!
CCC work will start by the beginning of July.Nobody will be victimized, nobody will be sent homeThere is a lot of activity on the docksWe have a plan to rescue GrenadaWe have reduced substantially unpaid claims in the TreasuryBusmen are making 6 and 7 full trips from the country to townWe will restructure the National DebtWe will discontinue the Free School Programme only in Private Schools.
These utterances all comes on the heels of the Slogan “We will deliver”. This millstone around the neck of the Prime Minister has led him and others to launch a bold faced campaign to “mamaguy” Grenadians.
So much has been said about CCC. That project cannot start as the Quarry in Mt Hartman and the Asphalt Plant in Perseverance needs million dollar repairs. Even Humphrey gone quiet as he is waiting to get his back pay from the last contract and a chance to get some much needed dues for his union. The word is that that is not likely to…


NNP Back peddles on Electronic Crimes Bill
The NNP led administration withdrew the Electronic Crimes Bill at sitting of the Senate on 10th July 2013. This sudden about face came as a surprise after the House of Representatives passed it unanimously with no amendment to the draft. Any casual observer will notice that with their 15 nil dominance in the House of Representatives, anything that is presented there and passed is a fait accompli.
The enthusiastic support for the bill,  expressed by Elvin Nimrod, seem to suggest that this piece of legislation will liberate us all from cyber criminals. What we the people did not understand that Criminal Libel was being reintroduced to our law books through the back door. The opportunistic use of public indignation of the posting of sexually explicit photos of a school girl was used to pull wool over our eyes. Deception with a capital D.
It took the international media, the Eagle eye and the voice of the people to expose this ugly piece of legislat…

Government Censorship

The apparent indecent haste which the NNP administration has pursued the Electronic Crime Bill, is certainly no accident as  the NNP will want us to believe. The past NDC administration outlawed criminal libel in our law as a matter of principle; NNP did not see it fit in their 13 years in office, because they wanted to keep this sword over the necks of journalists who dared criticize the administration. That law was used to arrest and charge George Worme and when the case reached the Privy Council, it was thrown out.
Now Dr. Mitchell is back at the helm, he used the public outcry about the outrageous photos involving a school girl, to slip this piece of legislation under the door.When you look at the language of the bill, it fits perfectly the mentality of Dr. Mitchell.
The thirst to persecute those who oppose him by this crude attempt to criminalize comment that can be deemed to be “offensive” and aimed at causing” annoyance, inconvenience, insult and ill-will” is right up his alley.

Brother Simon I have forgiven them ......

Forgiveness is determined to be the act of pardoning a person for a mistake or wrongdoing. On the other hand a forgiver is someone who has a tendency to forgive offenses readily and easily. In general terms persons who have that tendency is not a captive of hatred, is not malicious and revenge is as far away from their personality as the North Pole is to the South Pole.
In a recent broadcast hosted by Pastor Stanford Simon, the Prime Minister was nudged to say that he has a forgiving soul. Well yes we, who could believe that. He went on to say that he has forgiven Hamlet Mark and Chester Humphrey of all persons.
Why did he need to forgive Hamlet? What did Hamlet do to engage his wrath, when he (Hamlet) was in the main man in NDC media center and reports suggest that he passed on sensitive information to the NNP and actually dissed a major PR effort to further expose Mitchell.  Actually he even boasts that he was always an NNP that is why his blog was a constant thorn in the side of the …