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It’s all about taxes

Grenada’s 2014 Budget
Grenada’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Keith Mitchell presented the country’s 2014 Budget Statement to the parliament on Tuesday December 10th 2013.
The budget presentation was anxiously awaited by the citizenry in the wake of the proposed “Home Grown” Structural Adjustment Program.

There has been a plethora of comment about the math of the budget; however I will attempt to address the fundamental underpinnings of the emerging socio economic situation existing in the country which was supposed to shape the framework of that budget.

The theme “Building the New Economy through Higher Productivity and Shared Sacrifice for the Benefit of all” can be described incoherent and unrealistic. The New Economy cannot be built on clichés and slogans. Economic progress can only grace our land when leadership, vision and hard work are applied to our day to day activities. The expenditure allocations are indeed curious. The Ministry of Youth was allocated $70 m or …