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St Kitts and Grenada, Two sides of the Same Coin

I was amused when PM Mitchell weighed in on the post election “crisis” in St Kitts. He quipped that the situation “aches” him. I could not believe my ears.

The deplorable conduct of the Supervisor of Elections in St Kitts is just the tip of the iceberg. The callous attitude displayed on reflects the end product of the dictatorial end egocentric politics displayed by the likes of Dr Denzil Douglas. Dr Keith Mitchell reads from the same hymn sheet. The patent lack of respect for institutions is reflected by the placement of surrogates (oft times incompetent) in key positions within these institutions. In both countries that is their modus operandi.

Recall when former Supervisor of Elections in Grenada, Ms Judy Benoit, rose in defence of the office, she was promptly fired by the Governor General. On whose advice did the Dame Cecile act? It is an open secret.

Ms Beniot had the “audacity” to question a Cabinet decision to connect all electoral offices on the island via internet to a server…

“Project Grenada” What is wrong with Arley Gill?

It did not come as a surprise when former Senator Mr Arley Gill wrote an article, which was published in Caribbean News Now, about “Project Grenada”. Under the guise of providing advice to Prime Minister Mitchell about the content of his Independence address, he waded into the muddied waters which this idea resides. My sources in St George’s advised me that “Project Grenada” was first articulated by the now Senate President Chester Humphrey and not Dr Mitchell. The idea was floated as a precursor to the “count me in” spectacle that allowed Peter David to come out of his political closet. This he did in what some commentators termed a shameful act of political opportunism.

Mr Gill, like his mentor Peter David, was expelled from the then ruling National Democratic Congress in September 2012. From then on they vowed to “deal with Tillman Thomas and Nazim Burke”. It is alleged that the expellees and their cohorts provided intelligence and advice to the NNP prior to the 2013 poll. The NNP …