Hamlet’s Poison pen, back at it again!!

Some Grenadians consider that when Caribupdate is seen on the streets, it means Hamlet Mark is in town. Whether it is a telltale sign or mere coincidence, some say elections may be in the making, but who knows. Mr. Mark wrote a blog cum article a, he calls it commentary, published on February 6th 2016 where he again tries to discredit Nazim Burke , leader of the National Democratic Congress. From the word Go, he sets out to deceive, confuse or tinker with the Queen’s English in his self-motivated campaign trying to “out Nazim’s political light” His nimble fingers roams through a forest of lies, half-truths and innuendoes. He is world class where this is concerned.
A Caribbean journalist once asked if he is a political consultant dressed in the robes of a journalist. Fish or fowl, it is difficult to tell. Simple minds will conclude that both words start with F. but fool also shares F as its first letter.
It is now clear that he gets really excited when elections are around the corner. In the Caribbean, the source of election money is a well-kept secret. He seems to like that kind of money, hence the fact that , like a prowling wolf , he ends up working for anyone who is prepared to spend some hush money on him.
Reports indicate that he worked in St Kitts for Denzil Douglas after he was seen earlier working for Team Unity. In Antigua, Baldwin Spencer apparently took his advice and lost the election. Roosevelt Skerrit in Dominica did not seem to have much use for him as his style is similar to the opposition UWP and its leader Linton. He also found himself in Guyana and it is not clear how he faired with the PPP but they lost anyway. Ralph Gonzalves appeared to have saved his skin from a lynching recently in St Vincent. One thing seem certain, his frequent absence from his job seem to have been approved by Keith Mitchell as his salary continues to be paid regardless- all at poor Grenadian tax-payers’ expense.
His friends say that he suffers from insomnia as he hardly sleeps and have been seen on late night escapades, prowling in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe when he is not up to some mischief, his time is spent plotting some new rumor, some lie or scheming some diatribe like the article in which he is trying to discredit Naz.
Mr. Mark took the grand prize when he described his experience with Mr. Burke as a “one night stand”. The NDC leader is not known to consort with prostitutes- a political one at that.
He rambles on about the sidelining of Franka Bernardine , George Vincent and Patrick Simmons. This is just one of his many lies about the NDC.Mrs. Bernardine exposed this LIE in a recent interview.
Hamlet must be reminded that FEAR is the refuge of deceitful cowards. Nazim Burke is not cut of that cloth. His “commentary” describes Mr. Burke as a “good man”, then makes cynical reference to his “brightness” and crowns it all by giving the impression that the NDC leader lives in a make believe world far removed from Grenadian realities.
Everyone who reads his trash must have reached the conclusion that Hamlet carries a devious and twisted mind, a poison pen and an intellect that fits in a corn seed.
If Mr. Mark wishes to regain some degree of respectability, he should take steps to rid himself of a label called “bad pay”. This may be the first step in his thousand mile journey to redemption. You need prayers Sir.


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