NNP Back peddles on Electronic Crimes Bill

The NNP led administration withdrew the Electronic Crimes Bill at sitting of the Senate on 10th July 2013. This sudden about face came as a surprise after the House of Representatives passed it unanimously with no amendment to the draft. Any casual observer will notice that with their 15 nil dominance in the House of Representatives, anything that is presented there and passed is a fait accompli.

The enthusiastic support for the bill,  expressed by Elvin Nimrod, seem to suggest that this piece of legislation will liberate us all from cyber criminals. What we the people did not understand that Criminal Libel was being reintroduced to our law books through the back door. The opportunistic use of public indignation of the posting of sexually explicit photos of a school girl was used to pull wool over our eyes. Deception with a capital D.

It took the international media, the Eagle eye and the voice of the people to expose this ugly piece of legislation whose real intent was to muzzle political opponents and to endanger free speech. 

The response by Sherri-Ann Noel,  President of the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG) that she did not believe that the legislation will be an impediment to free speech only exposes her myopic  NNP inspired opinion.

Where is Henchmen Mark and  Timid Tity on this matter? If the government’s release on the matter is an indication of their take on the issue, it could only mean that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. There was absolutely no consultation on this piece of legislation. 

Henchmen Mark would understand that the provisions of the bill can easily land him in deep trouble.  The Prime Minister clearly did not take time to analyze what the effect could be on his propagandists who helped him to win the last elections. Old people say that "when you setting trap for others you could well be setting trap to endanger yourself”.

This hasty retreat indicates that this regime cannot be trusted. More wool is in their political warehouse to put over the public eye when the Prime Minister is ready to dispense his “Home Grown” IMF inspired medicine

We the people will have to become more vigilant and expand on our links regionally and internationally in the fight to defend the good name of our country. 


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