Brother Simon I have forgiven them ......

Forgiveness is determined to be the act of pardoning a person for a mistake or wrongdoing. On the other hand a forgiver is someone who has a tendency to forgive offenses readily and easily. In general terms persons who have that tendency is not a captive of hatred, is not malicious and revenge is as far away from their personality as the North Pole is to the South Pole.

In a recent broadcast hosted by Pastor Stanford Simon, the Prime Minister was nudged to say that he has a forgiving soul. Well yes we, who could believe that. He went on to say that he has forgiven Hamlet Mark and Chester Humphrey of all persons.

Why did he need to forgive Hamlet? What did Hamlet do to engage his wrath, when he (Hamlet) was in the main man in NDC media center and reports suggest that he passed on sensitive information to the NNP and actually dissed a major PR effort to further expose Mitchell.  Actually he even boasts that he was always an NNP that is why his blog was a constant thorn in the side of the NDC while in office. Today his brain child “Caribupdate” can be described as the official voice of the NNP. But then would you want to give the impression that a person who has done your bidding in such a manner did actually harm you. Nonsense.

The case of Humphrey is even more laughable. For more than decade the constant barrage and criticism of Mitchell and the NNP by this goodly gentleman .may have caused some headaches for Dr. Mitchell. Did Humphrey peddle lies? Grenadians by and large do not think so. So is it that the Prime Minister saw the need to forgive Humphrey for speaking the truth. La Baye people will hardly believe that Humphrey will actually go and ask Dr. Mitchell for forgiveness. So what all this grand charge is about? It is all about trying to put a new coat of paint on an old rotted vehicle.

The extent of revenge that has accumulated in the nearly five years in opposition can fill Grand Etang lake and more. Look at the treatment of the Commissioner of Police, .the gross disrespect meted out to Sir Carlyle Glean, his constant efforts to smear the good name of Bro Nazim Burke, the arrogance in the treatment of public servants who he perceive are supporters of the NDC.

My friends, forgiveness is readily available for all those persons who were affiliated to the NDC and went all out to ensure that the party was voted out of office. I guess that if a common enemy is shared then forgiveness and friendship are natural outputs The NDC expellees have been forgiven one may conclude, but it is left to be seen if this unholy alliance can stand the test of time.

For all those that want to remake the image of Keith Claudius Mitchell, it is easier to flatten Market Hill than to achieve that. Indeed the politics of hate and spite will find ready comfort in the NNP than in the NDC


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