Open Letter To Mr Hamlet Mark
‘Too little too late, your pen is stalling’

Dear sir

I have been following your blog Notes From All Around and Caribupdate News Service for long time. I think that you are a very skilful writer who has a very good idea of the political happenings in Grenada, but lately I have realized that your poetic pen is stalling. Your blog and news agency has gone into semi-hibernation.

I must repeat that your blogs were well written and they had a very magnetic effect on thousands of readers. As a result of this Notes From All Around and Caribupdate News became the talk of the town. People listen to your tunes religiously. You became the Grenadian ‘Pied Piper’.

During that time the National Democratic Congress was in office. You spared no effort in crafting half truths, fairy tales and twists all in an effort to create mistrust in the masses and chaos in government and by extension the nation.

You continuously speared the NDC heart with your pen. It was your dagger.

You highlighted the ills in society and cunningly linked each one to the NDC.

You wrote about Nazim Burke and his houses as if he was doing something wrong.

You enjoyed writing negatively about cabinet re-shuffles.

You enjoyed the times when NDC paid salaries late.

You wrote as if everything ‘Tilly’ did was a mistake.

You displayed very good sarcasm by promoting the slogan ‘no Tilly no NDC.’

You established a ‘green’ news paper called Caribupdate.

 You wrote about jobs for the NDC boys.

Oh how you loved resignations from the NDC!

I can clearly remember you, riding American Airlines like bus between Grenada and Fort Lauderdale to catch up with and pen NDC stories.

Sir, I must say that your notorious efforts were not futile. You helped to defame, discredit and split the NDC party. Mr. Mark, you succeeded by facilitating a ‘clean sweep’ victory for the NNP.

With this being done you repatriated to Grenada. The land that you love where you received one of the jobs that was available for the NNP boys. I really thought that you came back home to continue and expand on the blogging and probably do more local news on Caribupdate.

Surprising to me, your news agency is only operating in drips. Yes drip! Drip!
Mr Mark, how many blogs did you write over the last year? What has happened to your propaganda paper Caribupdate?

So many negative things are taking place in the New Grenadian Economy. Why are you so ‘picky’ on what you write on these days? If you were a professional journalist, you will surely report or write about them.

Let me remind you of some of the punishing and painful things which were implemented by your ground God since taking up office last February.

(1)  Victimization of hard working Grenadians. Three thousand plus persons have been sent packing.
(2)  Grenadians are being taxed out of their skins.
(3)  Removal of free books for private schools. Removal of free barrel program.
(4)  Selling of Grenadian passports.
(5)  An attempt to take out the leadership of the NDC at Snug Corner.
(6)  Jobs for retirees.
(7)  The NNP has our economy stuck in reverse gear.
(8)  The pork ‘barrel’ Imani Program.
(9)  The electronics crimes bill-sections of it aimed at silencing Grenadians.
(10)Sending the NNP manifesto to schools and government offices and instructing the workers to use them  as guides.

This brings me to the point where I would like to ask you some questions.

Hamlet, how do you sleep at nights knowing that Grenadians are catching dey nen-en?

Why are you and the NNP trying to create a one party state?

What are some of the benefits of a one party state?

Why are you so scared of Nazim Burke?

 How do you sleep at night knowing that you are paid over $6,000 Just to create political mischief?

How much money did the NDC party pay you to campaign on its behalf in 2008?

Are you a citizen of the United States of America?

Would you promote the slogan ‘no Keith no NNP?

Are you registered to vote in Grenada?

Did you vote during the last elections in Grenada?

Why are you trying to use William Joseph's story to paint a negative picture of Nazim Burke.

Your actions reminds me of a young boy who was prepared to ‘stone down’ one hundred green mangoes in order to pick one ripe one.

In conclusion I would like to inform you that your long rants about Nazim Burke is useless-too late. Grenadians have discovered who you are. They have come to realize that you are a cunning political fox. Spicemen and women view you as an opportunist, an under-miner and a mercenary who is prepared to sell your conscience to the highest bidder. You are a political grass hopper.

Wake up Hamlet, we are now in a new dispensation. The kinds of political witchcraft that you launched in the past will not be effective this time around. Grenadians are much smarter and more and more people are using social media and other mediums to refute allegations and defend the NDC. They will also expose the numerous backward steps Whenever the NNP makes them. This time around brother, the NDC will be defended by a team that is superior to the Hamlet Propaganda Agency.(HPA)

The depth of your spite and hate for the NDC team is fathomless. Your behaviour is so tempestuous. You are prepared to destroy established groups and institutions in society just to bring down one man named NAZIM BURKE.

Hamlet, every time I look at Tom and Jerry I see you and your ground GOD playing political games, of course you are Tom, always getting tricked by Jerry.

Now that the home groaning has commenced. Grenadians who were blinded by your lies and propaganda are rapidly realizing the ‘clean sweep’ was actually a very ‘dirty sweep’.



  1. Yes this is well said and the open letter can be described as pouring salt into a fresh wound. Spite and wickedness don't go on for always. This is a very strong letter to the intended recipient

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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