Sunday, 3 May 2015


 On May 1st 2015 Keith Mitchell came to Florida and introduced Grenadians to Warren Newfield. This is his credentials. Founder of Tau Capital Corp which is a platinum group companies.He has a coal company is Botswana and  is also into gas and methanol he is  worth over $ 700m according to Bloomberg Business.Keith Mitchell is calculated and desperately looking for money. What is Newfield interest in Grenada only Keith Mitchell knows?

  Mr. Warren Newfield is a South African Jew who Keith Mitchell appointed after giving him a diplomat passport last year. Newfield is now the consulate General of Grenada in Miami and the United State after Keith Mitchell government closing down the consulate office in New York that served thousands of Grenadians.

 This is very disrespectful to all intelligent hard working Grenadians living in the United States. It is  important to note that many Grenadians support Keith Mitchell in this diaspora take for example these who came down a few weeks ago to be a part of the NNP convention, why not appoint one of them to the office and keep the office in New York where there are much more Grenadians than in Miami.

 Keith Mitchell has no respect for Grenadians living in the diaspora or in Grenada. What is sickening is that there are people here in the US that have no clue what Keith Mitchell is doing to our country and trust me they love him to bad. I know for a fact that some of them told our families to vote for him in 2013 and will again the next time. NOT ME…..THEN AND……. NOT ME THE NEXT TIME! 

This Link to the information to Mr, Newfield office. I hope he serves  Grenadians well.

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