In my research I found this, Sometime we forget and make the same mistakes.

ST GEORGE‘S, Grenada: Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell has said that revealing who holds Grenada's passport as a result of the now defunct economic citizenship programme is not in the best interest of the country and its national security.

Dr Mitchell made these comments while responding to a question posed by an opposition parliamentarian during the last sitting of the Lower House.

However during the campaign leading up to last November's general elections the Prime Minister's New National Party in its column called the “NNP Perspective” in the Grenada Informer newspaper had this to say: “Accountability is a key requirement of good governance”.

“Accountability cannot be enforced without transparency and the rule of law. The New National Party Administration has never shirked its responsibility to ensure that all Grenadians know about the government’s decisions and actions.”

The recent statement by the Prime Minister has led to a national outcry on local radio stations on the right of the citizens to know who are bearers of Grenada's passport.

Since the NNP administration of Mitchell took office in 1995 there have been a number of allegations of shady dealings with questionable characters, some of whom are at this time indicted, others on the run, while some are in prison awaiting trial like Gilbert Ziegler, also known as Van Brink.

The latest allegations, which surfaced as a result of an article published by the financial newsletter Offshore Alert, have taken the country by storm. The article alleges that Mitchell had received a cash payment from fraudster Eric Resteiner in 2000 amounting to US$500,000. He has since said he only received approximately US$15,000.

The Grenadian Prime Minister said he has taken legal action against the publisher of the newsletter, David Marchant.

On Sunday, Marchant appeared on the popular talk show programme "Striking a Balance" with talk show host Eddie Frederick, where he said he was ready to take on Mitchell and claimed that there is massive corruption taking place among government officials in Grenada.

It is not the first time such allegations have being levelled against the Mitchell-led government but he has said on previous occasions to bring the proof.

Grenadians of all walks of life and political affiliation were locked on to the interview which was aired on an FM radio station in Grenada.

Later that afternoon a demoralised NNP in an effort to mop up support for their embattled leader held what they termed a “6 month in office victory rally” at the constituency held by the Prime Minister where the party has most support. 

The attendance however was not encouraging and the country is perhaps clearer now as to how long Mitchell will continue to hold on to the reins of power. 

Reprinted from Caribbean Net News


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