Mr Nazim V Burke became Grenada's Finance Minister in July 2008, at a time when the world was experiencing the greatest Economic melt down since the Great Depression in the USA. He also took up office at a time when the previous Government made sure that they recklessly gave away or spent our scarce resources without looking into the future or putting systems in place for short fall in revenue collection. At that time our Country was "broke" and let us not forget that Grenada was BLACK-LISTED.

While unemployment, Jobless claims and needs in the industrialized countries climbed, Nazim Burke ensured that our country remained stable. While Bank in Europe and North America crashed, people in Grenada still had confidence in our banking system and business in general.

There were many hurdles in that the NDC Government faced: Payment of salaries to public servants, maintaining Grenada's overburdened social systems, the dependency mentality of some of our citizens, the endless political campaign by the NNP and the huge national debt accumulated over the years. Despite all these challenges our former Finance Minister was able to get us out of recession and the Black-list and stabilized our economy.

For four and a half years the NNP propaganda machine attacked Nazim Burke, they NEVER gave him a chance spreading rumours that he was controlling Tillman Thomas, he stole money to build his house,he was dividing the NDC and that while Grenadian suffered he was having the time of his life. An anti-NDC campaign by elements of the media, leaks and undermining by some senior public servants and  US based opportunists who call themselves JOURNALISTS. The lies and and propaganda were effective.As a result the NNP has won the election convincingly. 

Now that the New National Party is in office, it is their duty to prove to the Grenadian public that Nazim Burke is guilty of all these accusations. Sound and convincing evidence is needed.

While they are saying all these negative things about Mr Burke, other Caribbean countries are willing to pay any price for him because they have seen his capabilities,they took note of how he manage our scarce resources,they know that he will reject crooks and "conmen " and they realize that he would speak his mind. People know that he will not sell his conscience to the highest bidder.

The legacy of proper management, sound financial accounting and  creative economic ideas,left by our humble servant Brother Nazim V Burke will be remembered by Grenadians for many years to come.


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