People are really beginning to wonder why the minister of youth is being presented as an empress,goddess or "diva". It seems as if the NNP has an agenda for our unsuspecting youths to wash her feet and as we say in local terms, "kiss her backside".

Our youths are constantly being bombarded by lies and false pretense.  One of the most glaring, "hoodwink plan", is to present the minister as a savior to the youths.  She is now being referred to as the "poster girl of the youth movement".

The strategists within the NNP are well aware that the youths are quite vulnerable in some areas. They know that young people like things that would "glitter".  As a result, they are promoting and elevating the "sweetlady" as someone who is a flawless champion; a Virgin Mary or a Mother Theresa because they want to entrench her in an effort to NNP-IZE the state of Grenada.

Our youths are now facing an uphill battle to gain and secure employment because the public and private sectors just cannot expand their workforce.  An indisputable fact in Grenada is that we are not investing in industries and we are not educating our people enough so that they can be competitive and as a result find sustainable jobs in other countries.  Our people are not eagerly interested in self-employment because incentives and markets are not available.

There is not enough upward mobility within the public sector and as a consequence our school-leavers just cannot find work.

These harsh realities are not explained to our youths.  Instead, what we did a few years ago, under the NNP was to create a SHADOW SECTOR within the public sector; the IMANI PROGRAM was initiated.

This program, although well intended was abuse and misused.  Many of our nation's youths were humiliated. They were forced to be engaged heavy political campaigning for the NNP.  Some had to clean the houses of government ministers and other high ranking officials.  There were those who were enrolled in the program, sat at home everyday and still received hundreds of dollars per month.  Let us not forget that the IMANI youths were forced to wear green jersey and those who refused were taken out of the program.  All these things happened under the watchful eyes of the "dainty minister", who had a budget of sixteen million dollars and her NNP activists/supervisors.

We should not return to these ignominous acts.

Many attractive, grand promises were made to the youths during the last election campaign.  They fell in love with these promises and as a result voted the NNP into office.

Now that the NNP is in office, they have removed the Grenada Youth Upliftment Program, a certificated program championed by the NDC.  They have brought back the infamous IMANI program.  It is said that the future youth workers will be paid based on academic qualifications.

Our youths need to wake up and realize that the IMANI program is not a real job.  Training will only be for a few months, a few will gain sustainable jobs if they are lucky, but the majority will be back to square one.  As an IMANI worker, no bank or credit union will guarantee you a loan, so once you are in that program your life is stagnant.  

The youth minister seems to believe that she is infallible.  Some of us can vividly remember the CINDERELLA  youth minister at a function in two thousand and eight, sitting on a chair in the middle of a room and all the women who were present had to kiss her on the her cheeks before leaving the building.  She is giving the impression that the St. Andrew South East Constituency belongs to her.  

This lady should not be idolized by our youths, idolatry is a sin. This act must be rebuked and this should be drilled into all young Grenadian minds.  

We are now hearing talk of a national youth rally.  This rally will be held on the 27th, april 2013, at Victoria Park in Grenville.  Youths are asked to walk with as much personal documents as they can find.  Anyone can see that all  that the NNP is trying to do is register our youths into their DATABASE.

Our youths can be informed of whatever is being DELIVERED or promised on radio,television,the newspaper or online.  The clear plan is to divide and deceive the unsuspecting, innocent youths.

Many of our youths maybe forced to attend the rally because they have the ideology, that if they show their faces,they might get a job or a TABLET.  This cheap psychology should never happen.
Government should represent all of the people and this is a simple principle.  If they plan to have an NNP youth rally, call it an NNP youth rally.  Our scarce resources should not be allocated to fund an NNP rally.  This is a master disguise,it is event to have a CORONATION of the youth minister as a SAVIOR of the youths.

Grenadians should remain conscious in the face of these developments.  These things are ephemeral; they will exist only for a short time. 


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