Brian JM Joseph
It's sickening and heartbreaking,listening to the cries and many complaints of patients and those who have been using the public Healthcare system.
Conditions can become very deplorable at times,lack of confidentiality amongst staff,poor patient relationship,most patients are not afforded the rights to speak in terms of treatment,poor execution of judgement,lack of skills within the nursing profession and negligence"many nurses believed they doing patients a favor" get back to reality,wake up because you are not.
Where is the passion in the profession? Because we all should love what we do once it's done in the name of humanity,my philosophy has always been and will always be"finding greater joy in giving human service too others".

It's the profession you chose,so if you are not doing it for humanity you need to get out of the service"if you love money you should have gotten a job in the bank or become an accountant" remember we are all humans with a heart and soul for we do have emotions and feeling"it's always said we must treat others the same way we would like to be treated"that is food for though for those who walk around with a heartless mentality being morbid showing little or no love for humanity,it's ashamed to see how we treat one another especially sick patients.
It's not only coming from nurses but members of the medical profession also,"I have always been excited when I can give human service to others"genuine human service selfless and true,I have given Sixteen years of dedicated service working in private healthcare sector and "it's an achievement I'm very proud of"all those who had the opportunity of being graced with my presence or being nursed by myself in any way can tell you "my reputation precedes me".

Our tax dollars should be spent trying to improve our healthcare system even if it mean persons will have to be paying a small fee for service rendered"I think government will have to try looking in that direction to make the necessary changes or improvements within the health sector,everything cost money and it's time government stop playing party politics and do what has to be done to bring about changes,even if it means privatizing then so be it"because it cannot be business as usual,too much monies are being spent and nothing coming in "are government going to continue operating at a loss with astronomical amount of debts which is crippling the sector badly.
Conditions at the public hospitals are fairly poor,lack of medications are an ongoing problem,while patients suffering from different ailment remain guarded"I know many critics and party supporters will run to the defense of the government" opposing what I said but truth will always be the truth and all those who take offense have"too much guiltiness on their conscience". 

Instead of fixing our problems "we find ourselves putting band aid hoping that will solve whatever the issues may be,that is only making matters worse,that is one of the main reason why we might not be able to find solutions to our ailing problems is"there are too much coverup and sweeping of stuff under the carpet" lack of medical specialist for patients who required specialist consult and treatment,have become very burdensome on the pocket of the poor man"it's rather impossible for them to come up with such huge sum of monies for necessary medical treatment abroad"I'm sure the poor man are tired being a beggar going around with the donation sheets"we demand better services after working so hard over the years paying taxes we can't enjoy proper health care "some of us may not be able to go on vacation abroad but at least we are all looking forward to a little luxurious healthcare system" I'm in favor of a brand new hospital with better services and specialist,I want to see government partnering with other entities and private investors to make all of this happen this is something that can work with collaboration with members of the private sector.
How much longer can governments continue to operate at losses?why are our people remaining silent on these issues? Why are they not speaking out? Why do we accept anything that is given to us without saying a word please don't allowed acquiescence to cloud our judgment "because politicians and government officials are leading us to the ditch yet we keep smiling as we head down the wrong road facing onerous"it's not a Matter of taking what you get but rather demanding better for yourselves and others,I firmly believe that healthcare reform is needed also to bring about positive changes that will benefit all who uses the various healthcare services and facilities



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