Upon losing the general election in 2008,the NNP embarked on a very aggressive campaign to paint the NDC as a party that was unable to govern and deliver from day one.                                    

The NNP strategists knew the financial and social mess that they had created,they visualized that governing a country that was almost bankrupt and on a 'black list'would be a challenging task.with this in mind they started off with the'Caravan of hope'. It was as if elections were just a few weeks away.                                

The former prime minister at the time did not come to the realization that he had lost the election. He gave the NDC six months to self destruct. Many Grenadians still called him the prime minister and he enjoyed this 'false status'.                                                     

The new prime minister, Tillman Thomas was treated with great disrespect. The opposition called him many names: Tilly Boy,Stillman Thomas, Apawah and said that he could not run a saltfish shop.These forms of cheap psychology, played on many minds and in a short time,respect for the office of the prime minister crashed.                                                                                                            

The 'political bar'dropped very low in Grenada,the NNP attacked the decisions made by the NDC like a recurring decimal. This was good news for the crooks, underminers and backstabbers from within the NDC party. They started showing their ugly heads,refusing to accept new appointments,having secret meetings,approving and appointing caretaker candidates and having rival activities with the party. They did not recognize the womens' arm of the party and some of them had 'midnight meetings' with the NNP. It was a party within a party.                                                                                                        

As a result of these acts of betrayal,Tillman Thomas became tough and disciplined some. The other cowards did not wait to be fired so they resigned. The disgraced NDC fraction wanted a 'silent coup'but they failed.                                                                           

The NNP realized that the NDC was still a great force. They   knew that Tillman Thomas was selecting strong,credible candidates to replace the 'backstabbers'who left the party,so they became even more aggressive:POWER HUNGRY, calling for fresh elections. They bought almost every radio station on the island and together with a foreign based so called journalist,attacked and spread propaganda about the government day and night.                                                                                                                    

Another factor which contributed to the NDC loss was the constant unfair attacks on Nazim Burke. They branded him as selfish and implied that he was a thief. His private investment was branded as 'shady'and called him 'bound to lie'. Every thing was Nazim, Nazim.                                 

When the NNP realized that they had to shift gear,they came up with a very attractive theme:WE WILL DELIVER.We  will deliver on this and we will deliver on that. Many Grenadians fell in love with this phrase so they followed blindly.The people did not ask how,where or when they would deliver.                                                             

The one hundred days promise was a 'honey comb'. The leader in his tight jersey and jeans doing his delivery dance looked impressive to the youths. The money, jerseys, food and drinks were well received.                                                                                    

The RESCUE MISSION resonated throughout our tri-island state. Let us wait and see how,when and where they WILL DELIVER.                     


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