It is difficult to comprehend the humiliating situation that our youths have been put through. Last Saturday,April 27th 2013,our youths received the greatest top-down attitude from the IMANI QUEEN. Can you imagine the amount of youths that were filling out forms in open air on the streets of Grenville? It was a 'total mess'. 

The IMANI QUEEN claims that she loves young people.She wants to be their champion.She always says that we should invest in them.If that is the case,Why is the youth idol only promoting herself?

This NONSENSE in Grenville was only organised so that the NNP can register as much unsuspecting youths as possible into their GREEN DATABASE. It was only a deceiving show because some youths in St.George's started registering one week earlier,and in St.Patrick,one month earlier.

I want the IMANI QUEEN to get it through her thick skull that she is not a HOLY GHOST. She should understand that she eats, sleeps and defecates just like all of us.

The IMANI QUEEN recently said that she was almost moved to tears at Grenville, when she heard the stories and concerns of the nation's youths. Well if she cried,we can surely say that it is crocodile tears. Why didn't she cry for the dishonest act that was done to our innocent children when she was a teacher? 

Mrs IMANI QUEEN went on to say that the youths did not want to leave the bus terminus last Saturday; it seems as if they were enjoying the gospel music.She said that the lights were not turned on because they wanted the young people to leave when it became dark,but the youths pulled out their BLACK BERRIES to light up the place.

Can you imagine,suffering youths with BLACK BERRIES?How many of us can afford a BLACK BERRY?

The YOUTH SAVIOR, once upon a time was given sixteen million dollars to help provide opportunities for these young minds. She had a chance when our economy was BOOMING and borrowing was easy, to fix the many hurdles facing the youths.

Grenadians also took note of the IMANI KING. He was wandering and mingling among the youths in his green jersey. He was grinning like a desert fox and his tricky charisma was in top-gear. He really looked like a youth among the youths. Let us hope that in a short time they will come to their senses and realize that he is Grenada's greatest 'PROMISER'.

Let us hope that the IMANI QUEEN and her KING can provide real jobs for our young people. If you are a GODDESS,you should have the power to DELIVER!      


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