NNP put duct tape on the press mouth

NNP put duct tape on the Press mouth

Sir Eric Gairy made the famous statement when the GULP won the 1967 election that he will never be a pauper again. He made that remark after spending five years in near poverty and destitution after he was booted out of power as a result of “ Squander mania
From there on Sir Eric did what was necessary to make him financially secure, the rest is now history.
Enter Dr. Keith Mitchell, Jonah or the Green Gambler (choose your pick) now controls all the seats in the parliament. He intimated to a close ally that he will not make the same mistakes which he made during the period 1995 to 2008.

Mistakes Yes, its relations with the Press and the Trade Union movement. The NNP propaganda machinery led by Hamlet mark, has developed a plan to control (muzzle) the press. GIS is now under Titus, God help us. The Voice was transitioned from Leslie Pierre under the watch of Collymore. The green house on the sleeve of the paper speaks volumes and so is the content. The Informer one sided stance is for all to see and recently MTV has entered into the zone. Journalists who want to maintain their independence are under pressure, Grenadians can see who is towing the NNP line and who are objective

Now unto Carib update  This paper is a clear but subtle mouthpiece of the NNP. After all Hamlet is the owner, we know it is to big up Peter and his new leader and strike at NDC whenever the opportunity arise.

The NNP media policy is clear, check us before you publish or else. Don’t attack the Green Gambler; if you do there will be a” snow ball effect”. A warning or a veiled threat! The press under NDC was vocal and in your face. Tillman could not squawk. Where are they now? Hundreds have lost their jobs and not a word. The NNP plan has been laid out and the self censorship is in vogue. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Time longer than twine


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