The NNP in Full Bloom

Political Leader of the NNP quote from page two of the NNP Manifesto " WHEN MY COUNTRY AND OUR PEOPLE HURTS, IT PAINS ME GREATLY'. Powerful words but I am wondering if these sympathetic words have been translated into action.
 In less than a quarter of the year, a mere three months so many of our hardworking public workers have been dismissed. Is this action reducing the pain of our country and people or is it exacerbating the pain, resulting in more political division and social decay. Quote from the political leader’
THIS MAY NOT HAVE BEEN THE best of time, BUT IT CERTAINLY DID NOT HAVE TO BE THE ' Worst of Times. For the folks that have lost their jobs as a result of the action of this government is this the BEST or WORST of time for them and their families. Quote ' Grenada's pressing problem of growth, UNEMPLOYMENT and POVERTY arise from a LACK OF LEADERSHIP and GROSS ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT.
By dismissing workers this leadership is now increasing UNEMPLOYMENT AND POVERTY. See the hypocrisy in our local politics. Say one thing in opposition and so the complete opposite in government. Our media people are so WEAK they don't seriously analyse scrutinize and question the actions of our politicians enough. What we as a people MUST understand is that POLITICS play a MAJOR role in our lives whether we like it or not and so there is an urgent need to ensure that our politicians don't take we the people for granted and are held accountable for their actions.
 It's a fact that there is a ' FEAR FACTOR' involve and many of our media practitioners are cowed and manipulated, however if our fore fathers didn't overcome the FEAR FACTOR of their slave masters and our colonisers then we would be still SLAVES today. Life is a struggle and for there to be progress then people have to stand up for what they know is wrong.
 I am a strong believer in the MOTTO OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC: LIBERTE, EGALITE and FRATERNITE. The English translation: LIBERTYY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY. Governments may deny us of our basic human rights and freedoms, the right to work and gainfully employ even when we are qualified for a job , do everything possible to make our lives miserable and frustrating , sometimes they even take away our lives but the burning aspiration to be live like 'FREE' men and women they can't take away. We should support what is good and beneficial or the development of our country because this is the land of our birth. This is the land where our navel string is buried. However, we must stand up and fight AGAINST WHAT IS WRONG. The PAIN felt by ONE of our brother or sister should be felt by ALL of us. Not in words as mentioned by the political Leader of the NNP, but in real meaningful action.
 We are not living our lives in a CIRCUS, where men think that they can treat us as CLOWNS. We are citizens of these SPICE ISLES and we are entitled to share EQUALLY in the resources of this our blessed land. We SHALL never allow anyone to deny us of our God given rights and freedoms.


  1. We echo these sentiment time and time over but as we are govern by a constitution no one seems to have the intestinal fortitude to challenge politicians on issues their swear to when taking the oath of office/power. They have a opportune time to ammend the constitution or seek reform but the P.M dear not thread there because of the power the constitution give the P.M and well may see some of the P.M dimishes because we all knoe that KCM is obsessed with POWER.


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