Celebrating 100 days of broken promises

The Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell had made a fool of the Grenadian people, promising to deliver so much within one hundred days of being elected to office.  The reality is more hardship for people . Hundreds of workers,  mainly  women making less that $1000. a month have been sent home. They have children to feed and  to send  to school. Dr. Mitchell made commitment that no one will he victimized . As we see these was merely words. 

The only thing the NNP were able to deliver were terminated letters and empty promises. Prior to the election, Dr. Keith were on television saying a vote for the NNP is vote for betterment. He was ranting about hundreds for investors  that were line up. Where are the investors?  

The NNP and Keith Mitchell is lieing  to the Grenadian people. The only visible sign of hope is the CCC project and that will only employ 200-300 persons. Not a 1000 as was said by Dr. Keith and the NNP. 

In the midst for all the empty promises people are suffering more that ever in Grenada. We have to brace ourselves for more hardship when the IMF   structural adjustment programme takes it full effect.

The NDC family will be with you through the hard times ahead because we the Party You can Trust! Brothers and sisters we know things are hard but we ask you to stay focused


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