Retrenchment at hand in Gravel and Concrete

Retrenchment at hand in Gravel and Concrete

In a recent interview on GIS, Minister Steele tried to dance on sand but did not know that he let the cat out of the bag.

The foreign minister found himself on unfamiliar grounds, trying to dabble into the affairs of Gravel and Concrete. The NNP knee jerk reaction to the issue of sand mining by granting “limited “ sand mining rights is another one of their feeble attempts to say that they have “delivered”. NDC reduced the VAT on certain items of Construction materials from 15 % to 7.5%. They recently made a big hurrah when it was reduced to 5%. NNP propagandists want to make Grenadians believe that they reduced the VAT on those items from 15% to 5%.

Sorry Hamlet, many Grenadians do read and will not fall for this cheap trick.
So Mr. Steele is trying to give Grenadians the impression the he working and will deliver a stone crushing machine to Gravel Concrete. Big deal!!
When questioned about quantities to be removed, he had no answer. He was also clueless about locations and when asked about timeline, he was noncommittal.
Any builder worth his salt will know that sand represent less than 7.5% of the cost of building a house. So to give the impression that sand price is critical in decision making for the construction industry, only indicates that Mr. Steele went to bat on a sticky wicket. They should have sent Gregory Bowen. Maybe Steele sits higher up on the pecking order that in the present NNP setup.

 Mr. Steele was not briefed because the truth is that sand price was set on the high side to generate extra revenue to subsidize their operations in Telescope and to meet the excessive payroll cost. The whole of River Road know that Gravel and Concrete employs more than 50 workers than they need. 

When the brilliant Mr. Steele and Co will take a measure that will drastically cut the income of Gravel and Concrete, the next thing you will hear is 
RETRENCHMENT. How many workers will find themselves on the breadline is anybody’s guess.

What will be the reaction of TAWU? Recent reports indicate that the union will commence RETRENCHMENT of its own staff. On what basis will they protest when they are reportedly engaged in the same practice? GOD help Gravel and Concrete workers. “Crapaud smoke dey pipe”. Some of them have already admitted that they vote out dey work.

If Mr. Steele was a cricketer, he would only be playing T20 as he is
‘only a" vooper"


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