St. George – According to Labour Representative in the Senate, Ray Roberts, dozens of very ordinary workers cannot celebrate the new Government's one hundred days in office. Addressing a meeting of the Upper House, Senator Roberts read excerpts from dismissal letters signed by Permanent Secretaries and sent to more than 50 workers making less than one thousand dollars per month, informing them that their services have been terminated.

However, Senator Roberts congratulated the Government backbenchers who he said, can all celebrate because they are all receiving Ministers salaries of more than $6,000.00 although they didn't have ministerial responsibility in our crisis economy.
Senator Roberts said that when there is a change of Government, we expect the Chief of Staff and the 'big boys' to exit their jobs - that is accepted.

 However, what the Government is now demonstrating, according to the Labour Representative, is the termination of the employment of some of the poorest workers who are on contract in the public service.

He noted that several geriatric care givers, all women with children, had their contracts ended. Also he highlighted a long list of security officers, environmental wardens, among others who are being sent home.

 Senator Roberts noted that in his Budget address, the Rt. Honourable Prime Minister spoke of the pain he felt to see some many poor people out of work, but today he is adding to the list.
He called on the Ministers and Permanent Secretaries not to take away the jobs of ordinary workers because people perceived them to have different political affiliations.


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  3. It's sad that so many persons are now being added to the unemployment list. However, you'll most definitely pay a huge price for pretending to be ignorant. After Keith Mitchell went to parliament and ask for forgiveness, then told the Grenadian people that he's now a change man. It didn't take him long to say that he hasn't change and he's the same person. Many Grenadians denied that he said so. sadly,a large number of these persons who are now being victimize are the ones who force God to give them Keith: they've chanted angrily in God's face "we want Keith, we want Keith" forgetting that in 2008 they ask God to remove Keith because back then he was seen as a bad king; suddenly he became good again. we must always remember that people get what they deserve or force God to give them.


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