Can Grenadians Trust the NNP

we selling again
Round two of the Citizenship by Investment Programme is about to commence. Before the new Bill was passed, Amb. De Savary let the cat out of
the bag and of course, with the full knowledge of the“chief”.

Amb. De Savary recognizes that he can use the new law, even before it was debated and passed, to his advantage. Grenadians are well aware that that the NNP is hell bent on walking the same road which led us into the “Hall of Shame” as well as the end of no visa travel to Canada.

What has changed in terms of the key players? The high-rollers still remain, Mitchell, Nimrod, Bowen, Modeste- Curwen, and Bhola et al. In the first round, passports were sold like hot bread at a Bakery outlet warm and ready to be delivered as soon as the Cheque was delivered. A retinue of crooks including Eric Resteiner became holders of Grenadian passports. The history is now conveniently ignored by those, who got a “free-bee” seat in parliament and are now enjoying the power that goes with it.

Round one had a legal framework. The issue is that the prior NNP administration had a tight network that benefitted financially and there are those who are lined up to taste the honey again. The haste with which the passport management team was changed gave an early indication of the intent of the administration.

The regime attempt to soften its international image has been met with quiet amusement as “Mitchnimbo” still remain the main axis of power. The “soft” image of Steele/Otway-Noel only serves as a fa├žade so thinly veiled that does little to hide the anatomy of the administration.

Who can trust the NNP to effect “due diligence”. They were the ones who appointed Michael Creft as the chief regulator for the Offshore Banking sector. Ask Anthony Boatswain about the affidavit that he signed where it was admitted that US$ 474 Million was stolen or otherwise made to disappear through the First Bank. This is due diligence at its best.

The next thing that Amb De Savary let out of the bag is that he advised his perspective clients to use the law office of the wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to transact business as it relates to the Citizenship Program. Isn’t this a case of conflict of interest?

The NNP will crow that the NDC had embarked on a similar program. The difference is that the international community had far more confidence in the Tillman Thomas administration as it relates to honesty and transparency in the conduct of the nation’s affairs.

Round two will suffer the same fate as round one because as Grenville people say is “same khaki pants” and a leopard cannot change its spots. Never!!!

By Arthur Kallick


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