Grenada is making

good progress for whom? Mr. Prime Minister

Prime Minister Mitchell needs to qualify his statement that the country is making good progress under his new administration. In a strange twist, the leader of the NNP chided his supporters by saying that ‘if we attempt to listen to all our supporters and their demands, the country will be mashed up’
This statement is deceptive as it is true. More than 1700 persons were removed from positions where they benefitted from some form of income from the state. These positions were filled by supporters of the NNP. It is the same political leader of the NNP who has inculcated in the minds of his supporters that it is ‘we time’. Almost every senior position in the public service is now manned by his supporters as he has said repeatedly that loyalty is more valuable than competence.

Under the NDC, concerted efforts were made to depoliticize the public sector and to promote competence and professionalism. Those efforts have been derailed. Many persons, who were pushed into the breadline since the NNP came to office, are unable to meet their financial commitments. Some cannot even purchase credit for their cellular phones, while others are facing disconnection of electricity and water supplies. The long hand of NNP victimization has effected dismissals of husbands and wives in the same household thereby wreaking havoc on family income.  Where is the compassion and love Dr. Mitchell?
The Prime Minister further stated in his constituency forum that
‘We are paying salaries three and four days before the end of the month’. What he did not say is that pensioners are being paid sometimes TWO WEEKS after the end of the month.

On the diplomatic front, the choice of ambassadors leaves much to be desired. The attempt to recycle Joslyn Whiteman and to downgrade the country’s representation in New York to appease Peter David is even more despicable. Is the NNP telling us that there is no available Grenadian capable of representing our interest in the New York area than Derek James? Some of the country’s diplomatic personnel were given as little as three days notice to vacate their posting. 

The level of NNP disrespect is unprecedented in our recent history.
The entire country is in a cash flow bind. The few projects in the construction sector are insufficient to solve the chronic unemployment problem. De-bushing programs are unsustainable and the much talked about CCC project is off on a start that can be likened to a snail’s pace. Selling passports will not solve our problems either.

The NNP has a plan to keep the country poor. They have articulated no strategy to take the country out of this debt crisis that they created in their thirteen years in office. Mediocrity is promoted everywhere in the state sector, political victimization is the order of the day as this hit and miss administration continue to grapple with its election promises. Their unease is heightened as the population continues to make jokes about the ‘delivery train’ and the soon to be commissioned three wheeled bike/ ambulance.

Is NNP time!!


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