Peter David and Joe Gilbert

                    NNP Executive Gives Green light to Peter David and Joe Gilbert

For NNP insiders, this is stale news, for us the people, it is as fresh as it gets. Ever since that fateful day that Mr. Peter David counted himself into the NNP house in Paraclete, the old guard has been uneasy with the Prime Minister’s extramarital affair with the Pedro group.

Dr Mitchell by his own words slotted in Mr David at the leadership level of the party. His description of the role that Pedro will play sits firmly in the lap of the current General Secretary of the NNP, Mr Roland Bhola. Dissident NNP insiders are genuinely afraid of this group who came into the party as a bloc and not as individuals searching for a political home after they were expelled in 2012 from the NDC.

Dr Mitchell made a spirited plea in defence of a proposed invitation of David and Gilbert to take part in executive meetings.  He went further to indicate that members should not be fearful of persons who are perceived to have a hidden agenda.

The internal grumblings were addressed by Dr. Mitchell who did not consult the “old guard” on the issue of the membership of the Pedro group. The Prime Minister was clearly feeling the heat and conceded that some agreed process must be developed. Mr. Bhola noted that politics is a game so they must be able to manage the situation.

The motion was passed by the Executive and every man jack agreed. To do otherwise is to attract the wrath of the Chief as he is the one who “giveth and taketh”.

In the General Council last Sunday in Sauteurs, he dropped strong hints that sitting members of Parliament must earn their right o be on the NNP ticket come 2018. The game continues and maybe Mr. Bhola will most likely be the first casualty. Eh Bhola, let’s see if you can play the game
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