My Brothers and sisters, our Ancestors are rolling over in their graves to see what we have become today. They died and suffered so that we could be free and here we are once again in a state of servitude.

 Just as in the days of our ancestor, the wealthy came and gave money to a few of our brothers, who they know were willing to sell us out because they were given a price. Just like our ancestor we were sold twice. Sold by our fellow man and then sold into servitude. It seems as though history has repeated itself and we did not learn that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, so here we are again.

 We danced and feted while the rich gave millions to buy our vote/election, so that their agenda can be furthered. We fell for the trick, 'parties and freeness'. We were exactly what the rich thought we were and we revealed in it. They invested in our laziness, our forgetfulness, our ignorance, our desperation, our impatience and our Judases and here we are.

 How can we as Grenadians say that Hotels are our salvation? Hotels are just a modern day life of servitude for Grenadians. I say this because as you look at the staffs of Sandals over 90% of the executive staff are not Grenadians but over 90% of the servant staffs are. Yet we call this delivery!

When hotels are built, the lands they sit on become lands that are off limits to locals unless they are paying customers. Knowing good and well most locals cannot afford the prices to enter, even those who work there. It hurt as I watch my people clap and call this their delivery.

 Are parents scraping to send their children to college so that they can become servants at these hotels?

 This is a life they want for their children?

 Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for making a living and working where you can while it is available. But in our case we invited it in, were sold to it, it was not pushed on us. Sold to it by a few Judases who lined their pocket (remember noting in life is free.) This was investments we fell for and now we watch as our lands are given away, our beaches are taken over and now the tourist come home and look at us as though we are the intruders as we sit next to them on our beaches.

 We have fallen for into the same situation our ancestors did, into an evolved version of modern day slavery. Wake up my people and open your eyes lest we fall for the illusions once again.

 Bob Marley’s word should become clear “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, no one but yourself can free your mind”.

 We must teach our youths what politics truly is and how to discern, lest they be lead as sheep to the slaughter house or blindly into a life of modern day slavery. I know many may say that we are all slaves to something and to that I say we are all slave to whatever we call Master.

 If this is the case and your point then slavery today in and of itself is indeed a choice. Chains on our hands and feet were replaced with chains in our minds and these chains are much harder to remove unless we wake up.


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