“Imani Rovers” Working for Longer Hours Under the NNP Training Scheme

“Imani Rovers” Working for Longer Hours Under the NNP Training Scheme

Trainees attached to the New Imani Roving Care Givers Program will now have to work for longer hours.

According to reliable sources the youths will now have an extended work schedule.  They will work from 9:00 am to 12 noon visiting homes in different communities as was assigned to them. This includes walking for miles in different weather conditions. They will then take up another shift from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm at selected day-care establishments or pre-schools.

Many of the youth trainees, are not happy with this abrupt change because it comes with additional transportation cost and the ripple effect will be a huge strain on their meagre stipend.

This Imani training scheme, which is the brain child of the Honourable Emmalin Pierre; the youth saviour, has been plagued with tremendous problems and as a result frequent, ‘cheeky’, political experiments are tried.

It is very difficult to fathom how some of these destitute trainees who voted overwhelmingly for sustainable jobs but cannot find one will be able to meet their financial obligations, in these hard economic times in the New Grenadian Economy, which is governed by the New National Party.


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