One must understand that entering into politics mean that the individual has become a public figure and as such they are in the public's domain. They will find themselves being publicly criticised and or castigated by the media.

 Barack Obama had his fair share and right here at home the former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and former Minister of Finance Nazim Burke were publicly humiliated in the media by some of the same persons who are at the helm of leadership in this little island today.

 May I remind you sir, you were part of that same team that belittled the former Prime Minister by referring to him as "Tilly Boy" and saying he should be in church. Sir you were part and parcel of that same team that ridiculed the former Minister of Finance when he was referred to as "a dunce" and that famous advertisement; telling the world that Mr Burke was building three houses while Grenadians were suffering.

 Well sir I have news for you if you are unhappy that your name was called in the media then you need to remove yourself from public office. I would like to tell you sir that you are probably in the wrong career.

Going back again, to the Electronic Crimes Bill to attempt to muzzle the mouths of independent thinking Grenadians is a mistake. We spoke out and campaigned vehemently against it before and we are prepared to do it again.This time around  the shoe is on the other foot now and it seems to be  squeezing.

Submitted by Genevieve Ghita


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