Disastrous weekend for Project Grenada

The Directors of Project Grenada, Messer’s David, Humphrey and Hamlet Mark all woke up today Monday scratching their heads and licking their wounds after a disastrous weekend.

First, their nefarious scheme to oust Adrian Francis as president of the Public Workers Union failed as Dr. Malachi Dottin led Team Unity failed in its bid to deliver the union to the Humphrey inspired plan. The presence of Dr. Winston Thomas in the Team Unity line up caused a red flag to be raised. Public workers will have none of that. Sources close to Team Unity explained that this was a precursor to the elections for President of the Trades Union Council (TUC). The plot was hatched by the ‘Project Grenada” mafia in an effort to get the necessary delegate votes required ensuring the election of Humphrey’s protégé Andre Lewis as President. Lewis had to settle for Vice President as he soundly beaten by Kenny James for the position of President.

This is a far cry from when TAWU could decide singlehandedly who got elected or not to the TUC executive. Further, desperate efforts by Mr Humphrey to end prematurely the tenure of Ray Roberts as the Senator representing the Labour Movement also failed miserably.

Project Grenada kingpins had their first ‘test’ of NNP convention and we now know that the Prime Minister has not been able to smooth the pathway sufficiently for Mr David to be crowned General Secretary of the party. Some observers have noted the virtual absence of Roland Bhola as it relates to the organisational work of the party. Dr Mitchell said at the initiation ceremony in Paraclete that Mr David will be handed certain organisational responsibilities. Bhola then took a wait and see attitude. Project Grenada has exposed cracks in the house of the NNP.  Traditional NNP supporters consider that David was in the heart of the NDC and they have trust issues with him. Project Grenada is a party within a party as Peter’s boys are not Keith’s boys. The lines are drawn and Mr David was trying very hard to reassure Bhola that he will work with him.

For the past week, the rumour mill was saying that Mr David will be elected Deputy Political Leader. Others opined that he will go after the position of General Secretary. In the end, Mr David had to settle for Deputy General Secretary. Besides Dr. Mitchell gave him an assignment to review all party structures, monitor the work of MPs and to retool the party for the next General Elections. This may well be the stepping stone for the position of General Secretary a year from now

Will there be pushback from the traditional NNP? All signs point to the fact that the “Bad NNP” element is not happy with the love affair with Project Grenada. They too have seen the destructive behaviour of Messer’s David and Humphrey which led the NDC to expel them.

The rank and file NNP have weighed in on the Prime Minister’s affair with Project Grenada. Many delegates left the Westerhall School and congregated by the rum shops and roadside vendors. Many were heard cursing about “dem fellas”. The whispers of discontent in the ranks of the NNP will sure end up in one shout saying No to Project Grenada.


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