The once militant trade union leader; the protector of the Grenadian labour force has plunged his trades union reputation to the lowest level because of his opportunistic traits and actions.

Grenadian workers now have valid reason to “Boo” Chester again if he makes an appearance at the workers rally which is set to take place at progress park in St. Andrew on May 1st 2015.

Chester has betrayed the working class of our nation. At a time when Grenadians are being taxed into poverty by a heartless and reckless government; the once loud mouth trade union czar seems to have lost his tongue or his voice box is clogged.

During the labour dispute between The Grenada Breweries and its workers a few years ago, Chester said that he would die for the brewery workers. He lay down in the road in front of the brewery and invited the driver of a truck packed with drinks to run him over. He wanted to enter martyrdon for the workers that he loved.

Grenadian should also give Chester a big “Boo” when it comes to his involvement with Project Grenada. He is the main architect of this Socialist/Communist brand of politics within the NNP cytoplasm.

Project Grenada has never been formally launched and the aims and objectives were never presented to the population but Grenadians know that Chester and his gang wants to cunningly create a one party state in Grenada; the NNP state. Chester has publicly said that Grenada should have only one trade union to represent all workers. This is a dangerous and frightening idea.

Another reason why Chester should be ‘booed’ is hypocrisy. Chester once said that he would not accept any awards, especially if it comes from the Queen of England. Today we see a Chester that is the third most powerful man in the Queens nation called Grenada. He is the president of the senate, wearing the Queen’s wig and performing the Queen functions in the Queen’s parliament.

Betrayal of the masses is a major reason why workers no longer trust Chester. Under the NNP government, the free barrels at Christmas time has been removed, the free school program is in a ‘mess’; it has already been removed from private schools. Chester must remember that these programs have greatly affected workers. He should speak out against destroying the middle class but he remains muted.

How could Chester preach nation building to the working class? This is the same Chester who gave little of no support to the NDC government during the time of world wide  economic crisis and recession. 

Grenadians should not forget that Chester  once led Liat workers on a major  strike during Grenada’s carnival, which resulted in persons not being able to travel and revenue losses. Chester was the most vocal opposition element while the NDC was in government.

How can we forget his opprobrium, scorching sentiments against Nazim Burke, Tillman Thomas and the NDC by Chester; a party that he once conveniently embraced?

How can Chester, a man who once called the NNP the most corrupt government and said that he is ashamed of their actions, expect to get love, sympathy and a listening ear from workers?

Over the last two years, Grenadian have witness significant increases in taxes that is a first in Grenada’s history. Over fifty small businesses have shut their doors. Banks and a major hardware store  have down-scaled their operations. These developments have resulted in increased unemployment in our tri-island state.

Despite these painful and oppressive actions in the face of the ordinary worker, the number one trades union leader is hibernating after eating ‘ah heavy food’ from the NNP.

Chester has lost his trade union voice.

 His moral authority to lead the working class of this beautiful nation has expired.

 He would never be able to sedate Grenadian workers again.


  1. He has not lost his voice He accomplish what he wanted too.
    He was just using them for his political gain!


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