By: Peter Belfon 
 It is often said that if you want to hide something good from Grenadians put it in a book. This is something to be worried or concerned about because it does not speak well for us as a nation and if this holds to be true then we certainly have a huge problem on hand and like a king would abdicate his throne in an uprising or immense public pressure it is true to say that government has also abdicated its responsibility to educate and empower its people. Every Ministry in an established governmental system must be tailored to meet the needs of the people and we do have a classic example here in the form of the human body. We are told that there are twelve systems of the body and each have their particular function and purpose. Question? When we knowingly refuse to treat our body good what do we have to face? A run down, abused and diseased prone body with a weakened immune system. Do you believe this?

Then why are we so easily vexed when government is being constructively criticized for turning a blind eye to broken government systems? Is it true to say that for most persons in Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique that the most important thing for them is to deep their finger into electoral ink every five years?

If we only take the time to examine or to look at the issues that matters most to us we will be making better decisions in the voting process and we know that. But having made to believe that there is none other to govern this country many of our citizens through political ignorance and shallowness has fallen victim to an organized spate of lies and promises that was carefully laid out in a strategic manner. Inlike manner the slaves were captured by the respective Masters when deceptive and strategic ploys were used, eg digging deep holes and covering them with light straws and chasing them into the directions of those covered holes so that they may fall into it.

The enslaved mind is still being held captive therefore we should emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and it is only when we do that we can say that we are truly independent thinkers and is better placed to understand what is happening around us and against us. Quit believing that all politicians are the same that is not so and if you still believe this you are a political hypocrite protecting something that you do not want to loose.

Today many of us are paying the price for political dunceness. General elections cannot be and will never be a popularity contest between the respective political parties and independent candidates. You and I have to turn the tides and let politicians know that their quest for the seat of power is not going to be a walk over or like gifts wrapped up from sender to epicenter. The media often times leaves the nation in total ignorance by their petty and flimsy questions to government on current issues. We had a classical example of that so called mid-term report. Now can you believe this is happening in 2015? When I was a teen still in School I was thinking of being a journalist and even though I have not attain that profession I know that what we have here can be described as spineless because most of their writings and interviews is sub standard, refusing to ask deep and pertinent questions and are like lame ducks in their presentations. Creative writing adds flavor and interest to the reader, keeping an audience interested in a televised program takes more than sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned room. I believe that Journalism in Grenada has taken a nose dive as a crashing plane all because they lack the conviction of the weight their task carries. Listen to the BBC's program " From our own correspondents, News Hour, Hard Talk etc. The English language when used in a creative and colorful way in the field of journalism definitely raise the bar, create interest, enhance professionalism and kick mediocrity out the door.

I appeal to teens and even the young at heart to get into the habit of reading. Reading opens up and increases your knowledge base, broadens your scope and also increases your vocabulary. Do not be the one that will have to pay the price because of Ignorance, not learning from past mistakes. I have no training in journalism but I know that better can be done here in Grenada. Not having the privilege to attend a secondary school; I know what I know because I made myself available to listen to the BBC, Radio Australia, HCJB in Quito Equator, Letter from America, All India Radio, by means of SW Short Wave broadcasting throughout my teen age and young adult years so I know that what I am hearing in Grenada in 2015 is nothing short of comedy and puppet shows.

Therefore let us think wisely, vote wisely and make wise decisions but remember you must be emancipated from mental slavery like Bob Marley encourages us to do in his ever popular song.


  1. Lot's of people think that theire vote will not be counted. That's a false statement! One of my political essays open a discousion on this topic. You are absolutely right, that people have to vote wisely and understand why they wote for this candidate, not just to wote and that's all.


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